• The laboratory of ideas!

    Are you an Electronic Designer with initiative and technical know-how? Do you have an idea for new Radiofrequency, Sensors or Power Products? Are you looking for Flexible Business Partner able to qualify your Product and reduce the time to market of your idea?
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NRGlab 4you

  • Step1 +

    The designer introduced the idea in maximum 200 words
  • Step2 +

    Telecontrolli evaluates the 5 best proposals each year
  • Step3 +

    The parties signed an agreement for the development and production
  • Step4 +

    The designer and Telecontrolli realize prototypes and test them
  • Step5 +

    Together dealing with the launch of the product on the market, the marketing, the subsequent changes.
  • Step6 +

    Eliminated the production costs and structural costs by revenues from sales, profit will be divided between the parties
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